The coast of Montalbano

The Coast of Montalbano

The coast of Ibla is one of Sicily’s most famous and appealing coasts.

Here the ancient boroughs of fishermen overlook the wide beaches of very fine golden coloured sand. The mild climate for most of the year allows pleasant and relaxing stays, even in the low season months.

One of the most fascinating and magical places of the coast of Ibla is surely Punta Secca, a small maritime borough dominated by the lighthouse that was built in 1853 which, with its height of 34m, reminds us that this was once an important commercial port.

The borough has become well known for being the natural setting of the famous television series “Commissioner Montalbano” which owes it huge success not only to the pen of Andrea Camilleri, but also to this territory which, due to its wild beauty , has become its true protagonist.