Il Monile Trend

“Il Monile Trend” is a new, modern jewellery store that recently opened its doors at one of Italy’s most appreciated marine resorts.This project came to its complete fruition with the opening of this new store in the Marina di Ragusa tourist port and was born from the passion for the trade of its owners.

At Monile Trend the customer can range amongst “trendy” jewellery and jewellery of the best brands, gold objects and watches, with a vast assortment that will allow you to choose freely from the many alternatives and to be able to buy objects for every occasion, followed by the store’s staff that is always professional and prepared.

Il Monile Trend is ready to welcome customers inside the new commercial area of the Marina di Ragusa tourist port where, in addition to other excellent stores and catering services, you will be able to enjoy the permanent sun and breathe the air of the very close beach.

Our brands

  • Citizen
  • Alfieri & st.John
  • Daniel Wellington
  • Chimento gioielli
  • Le lune
  • Bronzallure
  • Zancan
  • D1 Milano
  • Rosato gioielli
  • Rebecca
  • Vagary
  • Zitto
Il Monile Trend Il Monile Trend Il Monile Trend Il Monile Trend